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In one page you will learn from the scientific world how life came into existence on this planet. Nick Lane’s book ( 2015) ‘The Vital Question’ is the most credible and least speculative of all modern books. In one page you can get an overview of the amazing coincidence of life, from chemicals to animals. For people who want to be up to date, this reading is a must!


Consciousness is explained from three points of view: first from the theory of Julian Jaynes, ‚the bicameral mind‘, of which Daniell Dennet says: “I have not managed to sway the mainstream over to this.” The second approach is from a child’s point of view the third approach is from a neurological point of view.


Lucky the ones who have the time to read the wonderful books of Friedrich Kittler, “Musik und Mathematik I and II”, Olivers Sack’s “Musicophilia ” and Daniel Levitin’s “The world in six songs” and “This is your brain on Music”. But for the majority who aren`t that lucky, Mr. Sassen explains in this one-pager the deep connection between music and mathematics and we realize that there are certain mathematical ratios that make music sound “so moving and beautiful”. Cornelia Oszlonyai


Clinical biomechanics / Chiropractic medicine
Chiropractic Medicine is reinventing itself: away from the founder’s ideas of subluxation, and beyond the tripartite rationale of patient centered, outcomes driven and evidence based, to a philosophy that includes not just health alone but the social, political and economic life of the patient, profession and nation.
A treatise for a new philosophy of chiropractic medicine, Timothy A. Mirtz

WHO guidelines on basic training and safety in chiropractic



People are impatient. Instead of reading 32 books, we want to read just One Page, the essence, the scientific view. Email us at or, for questions, for a book list of our consciousness One-Pager, or when you want to publish your own One-Pager. One-Pagers are owned by Thinsia Research Eeserstr. 14 9531 CM Borger the Netherlands.

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